Wooden storage bin on wheels in black MDF, by Nic

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2 minutes

With the wood box made of MDF black sheet material, Nic can store his firewood. He made his wood box based on his sketch. He also mounted wheels underneath so that the wood box can be easily moved. View Nic's results here!

Nic's description

A wood box to place next to the stove. A container with a lid that perfectly fits 2 PVC storage boxes: 1x a large container for the firewood and 1x a small high container for kindling, firelighters, matches and hand sweeper + look.

How I made this project

After making a sketch, I was able to deduce the correct dimensions of all the black MDF panels. This was easily ordered via the TOSIZE.fi website. I still had solid pine slats lying around, which I could glue and screw into the bottom corners and sides. As a result, screws were only screwed from the inside and no screws were visible anywhere on the outside. The lid was attached to the back wall with surface-mounted cabinet hinges. I attached 4 rubber wheels to the bottom, making it easy to move the box for cleaning. At the back I attached a thickening slat and door buffers at plinth height, so that the box cannot damage the wall or plinths and the lid does not touch the wall. The exterior was finished with 4 layers of water-based, matte, colorless varnish.

Dimensions of my DIY project

90.0 x 50.0 x 45.0 cm

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How next?

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