Home cinema

Welcome to TOSIZE.fi, the place where you can make your dream home cinema come true! Are you looking for the perfect finish for your home cinema project? Then you've come to the right place.

With our cut-to-size board materials such as plywood and industrial OSB you can furnish your home cinema exactly the way you want. Our materials are not only of high quality, but also durable and stylish. Moreover, we can cut the board material to size to perfectly fit your unique design.

With our cut-to-size sheet material, you can finish different parts of your home cinema in a personalised way. For example, create a beautiful custom-made wall decoration from plywood or a tough and industrial TV cabinet from OSB. With TOSIZE.fi, you can turn your creative ideas into reality.

Our materials are not only suitable for furnishing your home cinema, but also for other projects in and around the house. For example, you can also make a beautiful bookcase, a trendy coffee table or a unique coat rack from our cut-to-size sheet material.

Are you ready to start your home cinema project? Then you have come to the right place at TOSIZE.fi. With our high-quality materials and custom-cut solutions, you can furnish your home cinema the way you want. Choose quality, durability and style with TOSIZE.fi!