Homemade 21 inch subwoofer in closed housing, by Edwin

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A custom design subwoofer housing for the 18Sound 21NTLW5000 driver. Chosen material: 30 and 38mm MDF board. The subwoofer will become part of my home theater. Response (calculated) minimum 100 dB @ 10 Hz at a power of 2kW.

Work description: how did you realize your project

First of all, calculate the internal volume of the cabinet. This was to ensure a correct connection with the driver.

Then ordered MDF to size from OPMAATZAGEN.nl.

When the wood was in, a bracing and cutout was sawn for the driver. (decoupage). The walls and bracing are screwed and glued. Ramp nuts were installed in the cabinet and front plate (for connecting speaker wire and mounting driver and feet). Then the front plate was applied and everything was primed and coated with Wijzonol primer and lacquer (colour H00820). Finally, the driver, Neutrik connection and feet were mounted on the cabinet. Job well done.

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?


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