Birch plywood panels at IKEA Best Furniture and matching oval table top, by Edouard

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In this DIY project, Edouard shows how he treated custom-cut birch plywood panels in his interior. He thus gave his furniture a new look and a second life in a simple and clever way!

Description of Edouard

Dressing a BESTA piece of furniture from ikea with the visible plywood and change of the round top of the tulip table with an oval top of the same wood.

How I carried out this project

Measuring the dimensions of the BESTA furniture to create a formwork surrounding the piece of furniture to the nearest centimeter. This formwork is comprised of 4 panels, 2 identical for the top and bottom and 2 others for the sides. These panels are fixed from the inside of the furniture with 4 screws per panel. To echo this piece of furniture, change the round top of the tulip table with an oval top with the same wood. For the size of this oval tray: measurement of the space necessary to be able to move between the different elements of the living room / dining room such as chair, piece of furniture, sofa etc.

Dimensions of my DIY project

120cm wide for the furniture with formwork110cm by 80cm for the oval top.

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How next?

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