Round table with MDF table top on IKEA Melltorp base, by Max

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On this page you will find the story of Max who made a round table with an MDF table top on an IKEA Melltorp base. Max shares his adventure and the steps he took to create this unique table. He describes how he measured, sawed and attached the MDF to the base. Max gives useful tips for finishing and creating a sleek finish. With his homemade round table, Max has added a striking and functional piece of furniture to his interior. Follow his steps and make your own round table with an MDF table top and an IKEA Melltorp base.

Description of Max

A table with a round, blue lacquered top of 140.0 cm in diameter, with a red lacquered base. Based on my favorite table, the Hay Two-Color round table.

How I made this project

I ordered a round piece of MDF with lacquer foil from . I sanded it lightly, cleaned and degreased it, and then painted it with blue high-gloss lacquer. I applied a small layer of Alabastine MDF filler over the edges of the MDF, which I also sanded and degreased, and then varnished. There are a total of three layers of varnish on the top, I sanded lightly between the layers.

The varnish carrier film is very easy to varnish, but because the table has such a large surface and it The weather was very warm last week, and it was not possible to get the paint to a mirror-smooth finish with a roller. After the third coat it looks pretty good, but next time I would consider spraying or brushing the table. The base is a square IKEA Melltorp base, which I colored red with a can of spray paint.

Dimensions of my DIY project

The table is 140.0 cm in diameter, the base is 75.0 cm by 75.0 cm. The table is 75.0 cm high.

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out Max's saw list and complete your order easily.

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