Close an open staircase yourself with custom-sawn MDF primed, by Anas

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2 minutes

Anas shows in this DIY project how he closed his open staircase. For this job he ordered custom-sawn MDF primed panels. This way he could start immediately. Read more about his approach and experience below. 

Description of Anas

After a long delay, the time had finally come last month; the stairs had to be closed for the safety of the children. This task was heavy on my shoulders and I started to worry as I started looking for solutions. Luckily I came across this handy website, and all my worries disappeared when I found out I could order my own custom panels. It was super easy.

How I made this project

I chose primed MDF with a thickness of 12mm and had it delivered to my home. Although the panels were well packaged, unfortunately one was damaged. After some email exchanges, she arranged for me to get a new one free of charge. A top service. For the job I used the handy Wolfcraft undercover Jig set tool. This allowed me to attach the panels at an angle to the top of the stair tread, so I didn't have to use slats. With the help of a multi-ladder I was able to get started. The results are impressive. Although the sanding, priming and varnishing still have to be done, it is already a relief. The children can use the stairs safely and I can now relax with peace of mind, knowing that nothing will happen.

Dimensions of my DIY project

I used different sizes Naturally. No step is the same. Width between 88 and 128 cm - length 17 cm

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How next?

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