Close open stairs with custom-sawn poplar plywood, by Tobias

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2 minutes

Description of Tobias

The stairs from the kitchen to the bedrooms were open. I closed this with the planks sawn to size. I chose to screw and screw slats behind the planks. Just measured the stairs and the package with planks was ordered in no time. It took me a total of 4 days to complete this job. I spent one day building, one day caulking and three days painting. I bought them primed, which saved me from having to paint again. I numbered each step.

How I made this project

Material: Plywood Interior Poplar Primed 12 mm. I did this project without having a table saw. This has caused some cracks. After installing this, I sealed it with acrylic sealant and then painted over it. The result is super nice and sleek.

Step 1: placing the bumper plates. I screwed them. 
Step 2: slats placed at the back. I screwed this to the front
Step 3: filled the screw holes and after waiting 3 hours the entire staircase was lightly sanded
Step 4: All cracks were sealed with acrylic painter's kit white
Step 5: The The entire staircase was varnished, after drying it was lightly sanded again and a second layer of varnish was applied. Very satisfied with the result and the project was completed within four days :)

Dimensions of my DIY project

All planks have a different size.

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How next?

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