Custom stair gate made of plywood interior poplar and scaffolding tube, by David

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In this project, David shows how he made a practical and good-looking custom stair gate. To ensure that his children do not accidentally fall down the stairs, he got to work himself. The result is impressive!

Description by David

A simple custom-made stair gate made of plywood interior poplar and scaffolding tube at the top of a modern open staircase to block the passage for our children along the glass balustrade.

How I made this project

By making a frame of scaffolding tube on the raised side, the height difference was bridged and a hinge could be mounted . The plywood interior poplar panel was delivered perfectly to size and only eyes were drilled into it to hang the hinges, the edges were nicely milled with a router and then a small thickening was made on the side where the lock was to be placed between the panel and the glass balustrade. All in all, a situation where a usual stair gate is not attractive and does not fit, but where we now have a safe solution with a beautiful appearance.

Dimensions of my DIY project

90.0 x 60.0 cm

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