Custom-made floating pine shelf, by Maud

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Maud explains on this page how she made her own floating pine shelf. She shares useful steps and tips to tailor the shelf perfectly and mount it securely. With her DIY approach, Maud has created a beautiful and functional floating shelf, perfectly matching her interior. Follow her steps and make your own custom floating pine shelf.

Description by Maud

After installing this kitchen, a beautiful floating wooden shelf had to be installed. No sooner said than done. Finding a plank of 280.0 cm was not that easy, but at it was arranged for us.

How I made this project

First we measured how long the plank needed to be. On Amazon we were able to find the pins we needed to hang the shelf in a floating manner. After delivery of the shelf, we carefully calculated where the pins should go on the wall and holes in the shelf. Once we had done this, we carefully hammered the plank into place using some olive oil on the pins.

Dimensions of my DIY project

The plank is 280 .0 cm

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How next?

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