Niche with floating oak shelves, by Arno

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2 minutes

With the floating wall shelves made of robust oak carpentry panels, Arno has brought an industrial style into his living room. Because the weight of oak wood is quite heavy, he mounted it on the wall sides. This ensures that the oak planks are firmly attached. To complete the oak wall shelves, he has placed nice decorative objects on them. Curious about the result? See how he worked here!

Description by Arno

To further decorate the living room, we installed 3 floating 40 mm thick oak planks in a niche. We opted for floating mounting because we would think it would be a shame to see the supports.

How I made this project

Given the size and weight of the shelves, it was necessary to Can be mounted on the wall on the sides. We milled the sides of the planks so that we could then slide them over the wall-mounted slats. We started by cutting the slats to size and then milling the slots. Routing can be done with both a saw table and a router. We quickly switched to the router because it was faster to set up. We left 6.0 cm at the front and left a few mm leeway for the depth and height of the slot. Slats pre-drilled (6mm) and slightly galvanized with a larger drill. The niche was then divided into equal parts for the shelves and lines were drawn there with the spirit level. Mark the holes for each slat with a pencil and then drill the holes. Then plug in and attach the slats with 6.0 × 60mm screws. And then of course the most beautiful moment; slide the planks over the slats and be completely amazed!

Dimensions of my DIY project

250.0 × 82.5 × 50.0 cm

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