DIY speaker "le Petit" with Warnex textured paint, by Rüdiger

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DIY project: 'le Petit' speakers by Rüdiger

Are you looking for inspiration for your next DIY project? Then let yourself be enchanted by Rüdiger's hand-made 'le Petit' speakers. This unique creation proves that craftsmanship and high-tech audio can harmonize perfectly.

The birth of a masterpiece

With precise and artistic work, Rüdiger has created a pair of speakers from MDF that are impressive not only in terms of sound but also in terms of appearance. Thanks to the professional cutting services from, all wooden components were accurately prepared so that the DIY enthusiast could start assembling them immediately.

Detailed construction

The chassis of the 'le Petit' speakers are precisely fitted and equipped with a CHP-90 chassis. The front of the speakers impresses with a flawless white surface, which not only looks classy thanks to Warnex textured paint, but also offers a tactile experience.

The perfect location: in the living room

These hand-made "le Petit" speakers find their perfect place in the living room. There they combine high functionality with an attractive design and create an acoustically and aesthetically pleasant atmosphere.

The advantage of making them yourself

DIY projects offer you the opportunity to implement your own creative ideas. With this speaker project, Rüdiger was able to tailor the dimensions exactly to the desired purpose. In addition to the flexibility in the design, he also saved costs compared to buying branded products.

An authentic look

The minimalist yet elegant style of the speakers suits any modern interior. The clean lines and high-quality surface treatment make the "le Petit" Speakers are a real eye-catcher.

Advantages of MDF

Natural MDF in 25 mm thickness was the material of choice for Rüdiger's speakers. The uniform texture of MDF provides an excellent basis for painting and ensures a strong and durable construction.

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How next?

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