Kitchen from Multiplex Birch, by Emiel

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A handleless IKEA kitchen with Birch Plywood fronts. The kitchen consists of a long kitchen unit, a tall cupboard wall cabinet with upper cabinets, and a bottle rack. Additionally, there is a separate cabinet in the same style that serves as a cover for the underfloor heating pump. The white shelving units are made of MDF.

The tall cabinets are Birch Plywood with an HPL top layer, and the countertop is made of Solid Finger-Jointed Birch (not from, but all other birch and MDF components are).

Work Description: How did you realize your project?

The kitchen is built from the standard IKEA Metod kitchen system, which I fitted with custom-cut Birch Plywood fronts. I added hidden, routed handles on the back of the fronts for the small fridge and dishwasher.

I gave the shelves in the MDF cabinets a rounded corner using a jigsaw (template) and then a copying router. The bottle rack is simply a piece of Birch Plywood with Pine dowels: drill holes and glue in the dowels.

Final Dimensions: What are the external dimensions?

The kitchen unit is 400.0 cm long. The tall cabinet is 180.0 x 240.0 cm.

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