Making a wardrobe from Underlayment, by Peter

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It is becoming increasingly common for building materials to be used in their original form in interiors. Think of scaffolding wood, OSB and underlayment. It gives a warm and natural appearance and is easy to work with. With you have the material immediately cut to the correct size. You will receive the material at home within a few days and you can immediately start building the job.

Wardrobe from Underlayment

Peter started working with panels from Underlayment Fins himself. Fires for the wardrobe in the bedroom. He ordered four sheets of underlayment with a thickness of 18 mm in the correct dimensions for the sliding doors and another sheet for the top of the cabinet. He shared his experience with on Facebook and described it as follows:

Wardrobe project as good as finished. Very happy with the result. Thanks to 

Underlayment Finnish Spruce

is similar to underlayment, but Underlayment Fins Spruce is of better quality. It is made from Finnish spruce wood, which gives the panel a natural appearance due to the wood grain and the clear color. Like other types of plywood, Underlayment Fins Vuren consists of several layers of wood veneer. These layers are glued crosswise to each other, making the panel very strong and hardly functional. These are the advantages of such types of plywood compared to solid wood. The end edges are beautiful to look at because of the layers and are often kept in view. The only point of attention when processing Underlayment Finnish Spruce is to take into account the risk of splitting.

Make your own cabinet

Your hands are starting to itch and you want to get started yourself with a nice job? Doing! Be inspired by the jobs of others. Then make a sketch of your perfect wardrobe and determine the correct dimensions. Simply enter this on our website and have the material delivered to your home, possibly with the necessary

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