Oval wooden table made of spruce wood, by Suzanne

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We wanted a new dining room table for our new home. We love DIY so we decided to make it ourselves. The floor is warm oak and we wanted the table top in a similar color. We are very happy with this new table and hope to dine here many more times with friends and family!

Make your own oval table

Sand the table top well before using it further. treats. Lacquer the top with varnish or stain to get it in the desired color. We used a clear varnish for this. In my experience, varnish or stain often turns out much darker than you expect, so it is better to choose too light than too dark. In addition, a dining room table has to endure a lot in terms of heat and moisture (who never spills drinks?). I recommend skylt for this, this is a two-component matte lacquer and protects your table extremely well. Moisture literally remains on the table, so no ugly circles. Apply the skylt layer twice. We ordered the table legs elsewhere and installed them

A custom oval table

Length is 180.0 and width 90.0 cm

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