Round black table made of painted OSB, by Jan Willem

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Jan Willem

Jan Willem



2 minutes


A round table made of black painted and varnished half . All this mounted on an iron leg. Due to the maximum width of OSB (122mm), 4 half rounds/circles of 18mm OSB were ordered and these were glued together to form a sheet of 36mm and a diameter of 1450mm. The edges of the top are beveled by 4 mm.

Work description: how did you realize your project

We glued 2 circles/semi-circles together to form 1 circle. Using dowels in the end-grain wood, we attached the 2 semicircles to each other and further strengthened the construction. We were able to close the crack completely using tension straps.

We then did the same again and glued the whole thing into 1 thick sheet. A lot of wood glue was used and then immediately used tension straps and weight to ensure that there were no gaps between the plates.

The whole was well sanded, especially the edges of the OSB plate. Then painted black in several layers with a silk glass lacquer. Several layers of matte parquet lacquer have been applied over the black lacquer to make the table hard and resistant to damage. Which was then mounted flat on an iron leg purchased elsewhere.

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

Round 1450 mm

Top thickness 36 mm

Height including leg approx. 76.0 cm.

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