Refurbishing the old kitchen and giving it a new look, by Theo

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Custom Kitchen Cabinet Doors!

Initially, we thought about ordering a new kitchen, but due to non-standard dimensions, it turned out to be quite challenging, especially since we wanted to keep the countertop. So, why not simply make new cabinet doors for the kitchen?!

A New Kitchen at a Soft Price

On Saturday, we were wondering what to do next. Searching the internet for new kitchen cabinet doors was difficult and expensive. Eventually, we found the website of

Providing Dimensions Was Easy
We measured all the dimensions of the cabinet doors and provided them along with our preferred finishes. We opted for MDF Lacquer Support. Everything was custom-cut by ( and delivered right on time, without any damages; super neat.

We then transferred the measurements for hinges and handles. Everything received two primer coats.

Finishing Touches
Finally, everything was sprayed with a satin 2k lacquer.

The Result
Now that everything is installed, we have a brand-new kitchen at a very reasonable price, delightful!

A Custom Kitchen

It's a corner kitchen measuring 3.10m by 1.70m

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