TV cabinet with plywood storage, by Adrianne

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2 minutes


I made a TV cabinet from (made of untreated poplar interior), with storage space and a push-to-open drawer. The right side is open, the left side has a miter.

TV cabinet with different compartments

I didn't want any ugly screws in sight and so everything, except the drawer, is fitted with dowels stuck and a large load of wood glue has gone through it. I first signed off and coded everything. (I had already made a kind of 'construction drawing' before ordering.) Then I first glued the bottom layer in place and let it dry thoroughly. Then the top layer. For stability I used a cross. Attaching the mitered side part was quite a drama. Ultimately, this was achieved by making supports on the side part for the middle shelf and the top. My first plan for the legs turned out to be unsuccessful, after a long time of puzzling and trying (which required a second order) this is the result. The whole thing now bends a bit under weight between the legs, so I might make some extra legs underneath. Finally I made a drawer with 'push to open' bottom guides, with a small space at the rear for a socket. The entire cabinet is finished with neutral parquet/furniture lacquer for protection, the color is already sufficiently present on the wall. ;)

Custom-made TV cabinet

220.0 cm wide, 34.0 cm deep and 59.0 cm high, with one sloping side since the angle of the wall is smaller than is 90 degrees. The outside is 18.0 mm thick, the inner shelves and uprights are 15.0 mm.

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