Want to create your own works of art for your gallery or exhibition space? With cut-to-size hout- en plaatmateriaal such as MDF or Plywood, you can easily create your own works of art. You can have the boards cut to size so that you can easily finish your painting, display or statue yourself. This can easily be done using a sawing list or by entering your required customized items in our webshop.

MDF and plywood are both suitable for creating works of art, as the board material is strong and stable. This provides a good basis for your creations. Moreover, MDF is easy to work with and to finish with paint, varnish or stain, allowing you to give your works of art the desired look. Also read our DIY tip on painting MDF.

With cut-to-size wood and board material, you can create your own works of art that are perfect for your gallery or exhibition space. Think, for example, about making picture frames, display cases or pedestals for your statues. By choosing your own dimensions, you can make exactly what you need.

Are you looking for cut-to-size wood and board material for your works of art? We offer a wide range of sheet material in various thicknesses and dimensions. We are happy to cut the material to size so that you can start creating your own works of art right away. Need inspiration? Check here how other artists have preceded you with their self-made works of art.