Additional storage space and custom-made desk, by Fanny

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2 minutes

Fanny shares how she added practical storage space with a custom desk. His project cleverly combines a functional workspace with well-thought-out storage solutions. Follow her steps to learn more about creating a personalized workspace that meets your needs while maximizing space utilization.

Fanny Description /h3>

Transformation of two entrance cupboards into an office and library space. The apartment has enough storage and needs a real work space separate from the bedrooms, I had the idea of ​​this office area in the entrance.

How I carried out this project

Concerning the entrance to the apartment, we had to stick to soft and neutral shades, the plywood poplar was therefore in perfect agreement with the project. The furniture used to support the bookcase is an Ikea kitchen cabinet, on which I attached a 30mm thick worktop. The same 30mm top was used for the desk, opposite the bookcase, this time fixed on steel brackets. These two tops, as well as the 18mm thick shelves, were simply sanded and then protected with a transparent matte varnish. The fronts of the cupboards and drawers were sanded, undercoated then painted the same color as the entrance walls, for a soft and blended look. A year later, nothing has changed, the trays are rock solid and the color has very, very slightly yellowed (which is consistent for us compared to the pine battens used for the claustra). ) Regarding delivery, products delivered quickly and very well packaged, I am delighted with the result and have recommended Tosize several times!

Dimensions of my DIY project

The office/library area is 1.30x2.30m. The panels used in plan are 60x130cm and 30mm thick

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How next?

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