DIY Underlayment Desk in Kids Room, An Ikea Hack by Kevin

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Very easy

2 minutes

Custom-made desk with a personal touch

Are you looking for a custom-made desk that fits perfectly in the children's room? With Kevin's project you see how you can create a unique and budget-friendly workplace with a smart Ikea hack and high-quality underlayment 18 mm wood.

Inspiration for the children's room

Kevin proves with his work -it-yourself project that you can put together a playful and functional children's room with a little creativity and the right materials. The use of clear underlayment gives the desk a natural and warm appearance that fits perfectly with the liveliness of a children's room.

The construction of the desk

This desk is made with precision by wood to be cut to size by The result is a sleek and stable surface that uses the available space in a smart way. The two Ikea cabinets serve as a base on which the underlayment top fits seamlessly.

Why make it yourself?

Creating a desk like Kevin's yourself has some attractive advantages. This means that the dimensions can be fully adapted to your needs and the available space in the room. In addition, choosing the material yourself offers the freedom to create your own style and at the same time monitor the budget.

Style and finish

Kevin's desk is completely finished and exudes a modern Scandinavian style with its minimalist design and use of natural materials. The underlayment is untreated and allows the characteristic wood grain to shine, which gives every children's room a unique atmosphere.

The advantages of underlayment Finnish spruce

Underlayment Finnish spruce 18 mm is a popular choice for furniture projects and not without reason. This wood is not only beautiful, but also durable and easy to work with. It gives the desk a sturdy base and the light color of the wood provides a fresh and timeless look.

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out Kevin's saw list and complete your order easily.

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