Floating bed with storage space, by Maarten

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2 minutes


Our house has a niche of approximately 197.0 by 230.0 cm. A standard bed with drawers just doesn't fit there, because the bed is usually 200 cm long and the drawers are usually on the side. That's why we decided to make some ourselves. The idea was simple: hang crossbeams between the walls, and then place a slatted base on top. To finish everything off, we made an elevation with some planks.

Floating bed made of Finnish spruce

We still had some beams lying around, we also ordered a few beams and planks from OPMAATZAGEN.nl. We painted the visible shelves white, in the same shade as the walls. We have a hollow wall on the left, so we placed some support beams against the wall. On the right we attached the beams to the wall with cleats.

The 200.0 cm wide beams turned out to sag a bit, so we improvised some legs in the middle.
br />We made an elevation on the sides of the bed with a few 15.0 cm high beams and a 15.0 cm high plank, so that the mattress would sink into it. At the front of the bed there is now a plank of about 25.0 cm high so that it also looks nice from that side.

We then placed slatted bases on the beams and then the mattress on top of that.

Bed accurately tailored

75.0 cm high, 235.0 cm long, 197.0 cm wide

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