New kitchen doors from Timmerpanel Vuren

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I have fitted my kitchen with new doors. The old doors (IKEA) had ugly damage and could not be replaced due to the changed sizes at Ikea. We ordered panels with a beautifully finished edge from

How did you make the doors?

First I treated the doors with lacquer to give them the desired color. to get. Then I removed the old doors; I was still able to use the hinges and buttons and mounted them on the new doors. Then I hung it up and adjusted it. I still had the mounting template for the dishwasher, so I could place the new door in the right place. Result: for less than 200 euros my kitchen looks great again.

What are the dimensions?

The kitchen is 180.0 cm wide, the height of the kitchen (base cabinets with plinth) is 85.0 cm.

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How next?

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