Sustainable Holiday Home with Black MDF Skylights, by Jeroen

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Black MDF reveal as an eye-catcher

Do you dream of a unique addition to your sustainable home that is not only practical, but also makes a stylish statement? Jeroen has achieved exactly this in his holiday home. Using custom-sawn moisture-resistant black MDF from, he has given the frame of the window frames a completely new dimension.

The Construction

In this DIY you can see how Jeroen constructed the reveals around the windows with black MDF panels that not only offer a sleek appearance, but are also resistant to moisture. This makes them an ideal addition to any space that can make good use of durable and stylish materials.

Unique Details

Each panel has been carefully selected and custom made by, where Jeroen has created a suitable and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Why this choice is a success

By choosing self-build with this type of MDF from Jeroen can choose exactly the dimensions and materials that are perfect for this project. This offers flexibility and ensures that every detail, from the thickness to the finish, is entirely according to your wishes.

The style of the project

With a focus on minimalism and use Jeroen creates a contemporary style from dark, sleek lines that perfectly matches the charm of the holiday home. The contrast between the warm wood and the cool black enhances the architectural elements and brings a feeling of tranquility and modernity.

Benefits of MDF Moisture-resistant V313 Black 9 mm

The use of moisture-resistant MDF has several advantages. This material is ideal for an environment such as a holiday home where temperature and humidity can vary. The black color remains deep and vibrant for a long time, while the sturdy construction of the MDF ensures that the panels retain their shape.

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How next?

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