Teenage desk made of custom-sawn MDF, by Jordy

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Very easy

2 minutes

Description of Jordy

It was now really high time to transform the little boy's desk into a teenage desk. We opted for a nice thick MDF top (30 mm), in the style of the existing furniture. That now makes it a cool and robust whole. The top has a nice rounded corner (radius 15 cm) so that no sharp point protrudes into the room. The edges are also neatly chamfered (2 mm). Then you can rest your arms on it, because otherwise you can't game properly.

How I made this project

First together with the end user and in comparison with other desks in the house determined what the dimensions should be. I then shared a basic sketch and some photos with TOSIZE.fi and received a prompt and prompt response and advice. Then carefully measure and measure: I think that is perhaps the most important. Do not choose an MDF type that is too thin because of possible sagging of the desktop. 30 mm is more than sufficient in this case. Order placed and delivered within a week. Apparently the measurements were successful, because upon delivery it turned out to fit perfectly. I still had to cut out the shape of the existing cove myself. Then screw it tightly from under the existing desk and you won't see anything.

Dimensions of my DIY project

About 185.0 by 75.0 cm.

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How next?

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