Black and white

The 'Black and White' interior style is timeless and elegant, and with custom-sawn mdf, plywood, melamine-coated particleboard or HPL, you can create a sleek, modern and stylish atmosphere in your home. This monochrome style shows that simplicity and minimalism go beautifully together.

Start by making sleek, cut-to-size mdf shelves to create a stylish black or white bookshelf. Combine different sizes and shapes to create a unique and functional storage solution for your favourite books and decorative items.

Create your own furniture, such as a minimalist coffee table with a black HPL or melamine-coated chipboard top and white legs. Or a dining table with reverse colours, where the legs are black and the top white. This furniture exudes simplicity and elegance and fits perfectly with the 'Black and White' style.

Also consider making decorative items to carry the style through into your interior. For example, create a custom-sawn mdf picture frame with a matte black or matte white finish for a modern look. Or make a wall shelf from white chipboard with black or white brackets for an eye-catching and stylish presentation of your decorative items.

Finally, you can use custom-sawn melamine chipboard panels to create a sleek black or white wall finish. This can be a bold backdrop for your interior, especially if you choose to combine it with contrasting black or white furniture.

In short, with custom-sawn mdf, OSB, melamine-coated chipboard or HPL, you can create beautiful DIY projects in the 'Black and White' style. Play with the contrasts and simplicity of these colours and unleash your creativity to create a sophisticated, modern and timeless interior that suits you perfectly.