Creative renovation in the storage room, by Erwin

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Description by Erwin

After we had finished the kitchen with pre-sawn panels, it was now the turn of the storage room. Wanted to do something crazy with this storage room, not finished yet, but I'll give you an impression. Started by dividing the space into a hobby and utility room. Utility room was ready and now this space where I could be crazy. Ceiling insulated and lowered and then a double lowered edge layer with indirect light, electricity fully installed and app operated. Finishing still needs to be done and finally the floor. Wood ordered from was sawn perfectly to size, as specified. Miter corners are as sharp as knives. You will never be able to do that yourself with your hand circular saw. It's just a matter of measuring properly and forwarding it.

How I made this project

Having beautiful pre-finished planks mitered, I can never get that nice and neat myself. Everything was calculated and ordered, which was easy to do via the site. Theory is then put into practice, which always means waiting for it to turn out the way you want it to. Furthermore, you should not take the space too seriously, it has become half a fair, but somewhat subtle, some cabinets will be added, but that will be determined later and they will certainly all be pre-sawn panels. It will be a hobby room. Entire space divided into two parts by means of a brick wall, electrical installation and entire ceiling insulated and fitted with vapor foil. Then the construction could start. Now plastering and finishing and determining which floor we are going to put in.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Everything was drawn out on paper that was suitable for this space, I have no official working drawings. But if you want information, you can always ask, no problem. The total space is approximately 3500x3000

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How next?

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