Protection cover for the BBQ in the garden, by Koen

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Very easy

2 minutes

Koen shares his experience with making a custom-made protective cover for his BBQ in the garden. He gives practical tips and shows how you can protect your BBQ against the elements and enjoy cooking outside all year round. Be inspired by his project and discover how you can improve your outdoor space with homemade solutions.

Description by Koen

Wood barbecues are a decorative element in the garden. The Belgian weather is not always good and without a cover they quickly fill with water. To maintain the decorativeness of the BBQ, I made two plates that protect my fire pit and wood storage area from rain.

How I made this project

It doesn't always have to be complex, two simple plates will do. Both plates are the smallest thickness of concrete plywood to ensure that the decorative element of the BBQ is not disturbed. The top plate is a circle 0.5 cm wider than the edge of the fire basket, this way excess water runs next to the basket. On top of the plate there is room for a few plants or other elements that serve as weight but also as embellishment. The second plate is 0.5 cm wider in width than the opening and appropriate in height; the wood storage area can be completely closed off so that the wood remains suitable for the BBQ in driving rain.

Dimensions of my DIY project

83.5 x 51.4 cm

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