Grid for train track, by Edwin

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Edwin used custom-cut plywood to create a grid for his model train layout. Check out the result and get inspired!

Edwin's Model Train Base

Edwin used poplar plywood to achieve a detailed grid for his homemade model train layout. His creation is not only functional but also a visual masterpiece. Take a look at the result and get inspired!

How I Created This Project

After careful planning and design decisions, I began by custom-cutting the poplar plywood at This ensured that each piece fit perfectly into my design. Next, I assembled the parts with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each joint was sturdy and stable. After sanding and finishing the wood, the most enjoyable part came: laying down the tracks and adding other details that brought my model train layout to life. It was a creative process that brought me great satisfaction, and I'm proud of the end result, which now serves as a focal point in my hobby space.

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