DIY: Custom-made lightweight bass box

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2 minutes

If you play bass guitar, it is important that you have a good bass amplifier so that low and high tones are reproduced properly. Tilmann decided to build his own bass amplifier out of poplar plywood. Are you also a bass player and do you want to build your own bass amplifier? Read here how Tilmann carried out his project!

Description by Tilmann

The model for this cabinet was an Ampeg 410HLF. This original bass cabinet from Ampeg weighs 40 kg. I decided to recreate exactly this speaker using poplar plywood. My new cabinet now weighs 24 kg.

How I made this project

I ordered the wood with rough measurements and then corrected it to the final size with my circular saw. The front panel is grooved. Miter sawing at 22.5 degrees is also not easy. First I made a test cut with the fabric scraps. The edges are milled for slats. Milling with stop and edge cutter (2 passes with a 10 mm router to 15.2 mm final size). Worked great. Then glue the whole thing together in one step, there is no other way. Very exciting moment, best to practice 'dry' first (clamps and tensioning straps).

Dimensions of my DIY project

60.3 x 47.5 x 79.3 cm

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